Winter Moan #2

ok, your right it’s not winter anymore, but it still ain’t warm is is??? I got on my bus at 5.30 this morning… most normal people don’t even know there is a 5.30 in a morning.. and this is another thing I like to bitch about… (but I digress)… 5.30…. and the windows on the [...]

VB or not VB that is the question..

I’d say the answer is not VB if I had a choice to be honest… But never mind… I’m currently working on a new MVC app, and my MVC knowledge is pretty low, and I have just spent about an hour looking through the interwebs for how to add a class to the HTML.TextBox Helper.. [...]

Winter Moan

It’s cold.. I get out of a nice warm bed at 5:30am, into a cold house, wash myself in cold water, go outside and stand at a cold bus stop for 10 mins, then the bus comes, that’s also cold (it’s winter for god sake mr bus driver turn the god dam heating on). 30 [...]