Boiled Onions…

As anyone who knows me knows.. I’m not one for whinging BUT god it’s cold… I thought i’d got it out of my system in earlier posts, but then it just got colder and colder.. THEN in some cruel twist of fate my boiler packs in… SO not only am I getting up in a [...]

Golly gee, that’s cold..

my google weather gadget is telling me it’s gonna get very very cold… I think it’s telling porky pies (lies – cockney rhyming slang).. -17 your avin a giraffe (laugh – more rhyming slang.. I don’t even know why I’m doing it.. I’m not a cockney.. pack it in.. ok!!) Anyway, after thinking it can’t [...]

Winter Moan

It’s cold.. I get out of a nice warm bed at 5:30am, into a cold house, wash myself in cold water, go outside and stand at a cold bus stop for 10 mins, then the bus comes, that’s also cold (it’s winter for god sake mr bus driver turn the god dam heating on). 30 [...]