Big Shed

Anyone who knows me will be aware of the fact that I am building a BIG Shed in my garden, or maybe a second house (yes it’s that BIG – stop doing that, bolding the word BIG… you’ve done it again.. stop it… sorry)
Those of you that don’t, well you know now don’t ya…

I recently moved home (3 or 4 years ago), and one of the selling points for me was the fact that it had this HUGE outer building what the old guy used to do up cars in.

After looking at the big ugly thing for a short while I decided it had to go, and somehow managed to talk the wife into letting me build a new nicer looking one (with the help of many more skilled people – Dad, Dad – in law, Dads friends, Brother, Pete (electrics).. cheers all..)

So here we go…

OCT 2009

Got planning permission and started clearing it out…




 Nov 2009

Started to take the old shed down



 Jan 2010

Footings getting dug out, the building inspector tells us they need to be 2 ft – That’s deeper than the building next to it WTF??
Also we have found a well.. Great!!! back to Mr Building inspector (we’ll call him Bob for future reference).

Bob says we need to clean out the well and fill it with clean bricks.. lovely thanks Bob we’ll do that.. Also Good old Bob tells us we need to dig a HUGE hole in the garden as a soak away for our drainage.. We are really starting to like Bob….


img_0007 img_0008

 Feb 2010

Good old Bob hass hit us with another beauty. We had planned to build it with 1 layer of blocks, but we can’t it has to be 2 and insulated, so it’s gonna be twice as expensive… YAY for Bob.. (although my Dad (the builder) agrees, water would have gone straight through 1 layer of blocks).

Decided to go for Bricks externally as was originally gonna block and render..

So what have we done this month.. Started putting in the foundations, built a snowman (not shown here..) and filled the car with insulation then thought “mmm so where are we suppose to sit??”




Mar 2010

Got quite a few bricks layed this month, also can see where windows are gonna be.. starting to get exciting now :o )





Apr 2010

More bricking, window frames in and timber starts to go on for roof.







May 2010

Pretty poor month, fascia board went on and all timber went up ready for roof going on..




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