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wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, so I thought I would give it a go :)

Just lately I’ve been messing around with Iphone dev again, did a little bit a while ago then stopped when I didn’t want to pay $99 just to test my own app on my own phone.

Then I discovered Jailbreaking , well I tell a lie, I was told about it ages ago by a good friend whose into all that sort of thing, but it WAS illegal and me been a good honest law abiding citizen didn’t want to  go doing that (that and the fact that it voided your warranty of your Iphone).

Well now it’s legal to Jailbreak the Iphone and my warranty has ran out I thought I might as well give it a go, so I googled it and found it was quite easy to do, so I now have a pretty dam cool Iphone with IOS 4.2.1 on. (this is what I used to do mine, it’s pretty simple and painless - Greenpois0n )

Now for my next trick.. how the hell do I now put my apps on this thing? now that my friend is a whole new ball game.. a different can of fish fingers all together..

I did have quite a lot of problems getting this to work to be honest, but I think the best advice I found was here.

So now I can develop Iphone apps and test them on an actual Iphone instead of a simulator EXCELLENT:)

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