You lost that loving feline

Anyone fancy a bit of cat exhumation???
No? Me neither, problem is, I have no choice in the matter.
I had this fun task to do yesterday.

Our cat died nearly 3 years ago and was buried in the front garden, and not long ago we decided that cutting the grass was a pain in the arse and we are a pair of idle gits, so we’ll concrete the front garden…
Fantastic idea, but this meant we would have to move the cat (he isn’t very deep and would get dug up anyway when we lay the concrete).

I was hoping he would still all be in one piece and I could pick him up and take him round to the back garden… wrong, I was finding the odd bone here and there, it was horrible.

Not a pleasant job :o (

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  1. Dazzie P says:

    After more digging I’ve dug up a dog too, anything else down there???

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