Articles from April 2010

Your password has been changed… Classic.

A friend of mine (well he was, but probably won’t be after he reads this), made the funniest balls up ever yesterday. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal your name… He works for a website who sell tickets online.. (I aint gonna mention their names either…) and he was doing some security dev last night, and [...]

Man on logs finds massive frickin owl – or summat

  I read the paper this morning, well I say read, I can’t actually read, I just look at the pictures and make my own stories up, it’s much more fun.. Except when I saw this, this morning about how giant owls are planning to take over the world, it scared the life out of [...]

Winter Moan #2

ok, your right it’s not winter anymore, but it still ain’t warm is is??? I got on my bus at 5.30 this morning… most normal people don’t even know there is a 5.30 in a morning.. and this is another thing I like to bitch about… (but I digress)… 5.30…. and the windows on the [...]