Articles from February 2010


Just found a dam cool new toy called iNudge.. check it out…. Here’s a nice little sequence I made in about 10 seconds…

No cards for ugly people..

As it’s valentines day today, it got me thinking about a little rant I have had quite recently regarding a school that has banned valentines day cards been given out as they didn’t want to upset the ugly kids who won’t be getting any… again. read here Seriously… In my opinion this is gonna make [...]

VB or not VB that is the question..

I’d say the answer is not VB if I had a choice to be honest… But never mind… I’m currently working on a new MVC app, and my MVC knowledge is pretty low, and I have just spent about an hour looking through the interwebs for how to add a class to the HTML.TextBox Helper.. [...]

Whitespace?? not on my shift sunshine!!!

My computer @ work died the other day, which is a pain in the butt, as my new computer has an image on it that is about 600 years old.. (It has VB6 on it and that’s about it… only joking.. it’s not that up to date.. only joking again.. or am I???) So I [...]