Articles from December 2009

Golly gee, that’s cold..

my google weather gadget is telling me it’s gonna get very very cold… I think it’s telling porky pies (lies – cockney rhyming slang).. -17 your avin a giraffe (laugh – more rhyming slang.. I don’t even know why I’m doing it.. I’m not a cockney.. pack it in.. ok!!) Anyway, after thinking it can’t [...]

Edward would have been so proud.

Had a cool idea today, I thought it would be good if I sellotaped lollipop sticks to my fingers, then I could be Dazzie P lollipop fingers.. (Like Edward scissor hands.. Forget it…) A friend of mine, well I say friend, he’s my imaginary friend (he is real, I just imagine he’s my friend), he [...]