Articles from November 2009

That’s some big hair

woo hoo I’m famous.. well not really but I have got one of my doodles on the doodurls website. (this is a pretty cool site btw if your like me, and you enjoy a bit of scribbling)

Diddly Squiddly BOM BOM

What the hell are you talking about Dazzie P.. stick around and I’ll tell ya..   (GEEK WARNING: This post may contain traces of geekiness) I have been having problems at work with SQL scripts created in VS2008. When I try and run the scripts I get a SQL error.. Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, [...]

Winter Moan

It’s cold.. I get out of a nice warm bed at 5:30am, into a cold house, wash myself in cold water, go outside and stand at a cold bus stop for 10 mins, then the bus comes, that’s also cold (it’s winter for god sake mr bus driver turn the god dam heating on). 30 [...]

Testing 1,2..

Just a quick test of my new plug in WP-Syntax… 1 2 3 <?php echo "Hello World!"; ?> WOO HOO, works a treat.. doubt I’ll ever use it though.. I’m a web developer, that’s my job, the last thing I wanna do is get home and do it in my spare time and blog about [...]

Nosey Parker

I love been nosey and listening to other peoples conversations on the bus/train whilst commuting to work and back (I guess you have to do something to pass the time!!!) I heard 2 guys this morning talking about a work colleague, when one said “he’s like a Durecell battery, you just wind him up and [...]