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Iphone Dev

wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, so I thought I would give it a go Just lately I’ve been messing around with Iphone dev again, did a little bit a while ago then stopped when I didn’t want to pay $99 just to test my own app on my own phone. Then [...]

SQL Problem

Just had a strange SQL problem I’ve never had before.. I’ve moved onto a new project and took a back up of the database and put it on my local PC and when I came to run my code against it I got this error… INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: [...]

Your password has been changed… Classic.

A friend of mine (well he was, but probably won’t be after he reads this), made the funniest balls up ever yesterday. Don’t worry, I won’t reveal your name… He works for a website who sell tickets online.. (I aint gonna mention their names either…) and he was doing some security dev last night, and [...]


Just found a dam cool new toy called iNudge.. check it out…. Here’s a nice little sequence I made in about 10 seconds…

VB or not VB that is the question..

I’d say the answer is not VB if I had a choice to be honest… But never mind… I’m currently working on a new MVC app, and my MVC knowledge is pretty low, and I have just spent about an hour looking through the interwebs for how to add a class to the HTML.TextBox Helper.. [...]

Whitespace?? not on my shift sunshine!!!

My computer @ work died the other day, which is a pain in the butt, as my new computer has an image on it that is about 600 years old.. (It has VB6 on it and that’s about it… only joking.. it’s not that up to date.. only joking again.. or am I???) So I [...]

Diddly Squiddly BOM BOM

What the hell are you talking about Dazzie P.. stick around and I’ll tell ya..   (GEEK WARNING: This post may contain traces of geekiness) I have been having problems at work with SQL scripts created in VS2008. When I try and run the scripts I get a SQL error.. Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, [...]