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Mantel Piece

I’ve just been reading what Hilary Mantel had to say about the Duchess of Cambridge… read here IS THIS WOMAN REAL????? I’m not talking about the stuff that she has been saying.. and to be honest she’s probably right on that, but what I mean is – is Hilary Mantel real, because she looks a [...]

You lost that loving feline

Anyone fancy a bit of cat exhumation??? No? Me neither, problem is, I have no choice in the matter. I had this fun task to do yesterday. Our cat died nearly 3 years ago and was buried in the front garden, and not long ago we decided that cutting the grass was a pain in [...]

Man on logs finds massive frickin owl – or summat

  I read the paper this morning, well I say read, I can’t actually read, I just look at the pictures and make my own stories up, it’s much more fun.. Except when I saw this, this morning about how giant owls are planning to take over the world, it scared the life out of [...]

Golly gee, that’s cold..

my google weather gadget is telling me it’s gonna get very very cold… I think it’s telling porky pies (lies – cockney rhyming slang).. -17 your avin a giraffe (laugh – more rhyming slang.. I don’t even know why I’m doing it.. I’m not a cockney.. pack it in.. ok!!) Anyway, after thinking it can’t [...]

Edward would have been so proud.

Had a cool idea today, I thought it would be good if I sellotaped lollipop sticks to my fingers, then I could be Dazzie P lollipop fingers.. (Like Edward scissor hands.. Forget it…) A friend of mine, well I say friend, he’s my imaginary friend (he is real, I just imagine he’s my friend), he [...]

That’s some big hair

woo hoo I’m famous.. well not really but I have got one of my doodles on the doodurls website. (this is a pretty cool site btw if your like me, and you enjoy a bit of scribbling)

Nosey Parker

I love been nosey and listening to other peoples conversations on the bus/train whilst commuting to work and back (I guess you have to do something to pass the time!!!) I heard 2 guys this morning talking about a work colleague, when one said “he’s like a Durecell battery, you just wind him up and [...]

I give in..

I’ve given it up as a bad job trying to write my own blog engine, why not stick with tried and tested one. So I thought I’d see what all the fuss is with WordPress, and so far I can say I’m not dissapointed ..

Long time no Dazzie P..

Wow it’s been nearly a year since my last blog Whats happened… LOADZ  - Mason is now walking, talking (kind of) and kicking the hell out of everyone and everything (the little sh*t)  - I have graded quite a few times and I’m now 1st Kup (red belt black stripe) and should be black belt [...]

TU TU Many Beers

Went to my mates 30th fancy dress birthday bash on Saturday, and for some strange reason thought it would be a good idea to go as a cow… I don’t think I’ll be going to anymore fancy dress parties as a cow.. it was pretty cool, but a pain in the butt when I need [...]