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Mantel Piece

I’ve just been reading what Hilary Mantel had to say about the Duchess of Cambridge… read here IS THIS WOMAN REAL????? I’m not talking about the stuff that she has been saying.. and to be honest she’s probably right on that, but what I mean is – is Hilary Mantel real, because she looks a [...]

Bumble Wasps

I woke up this morning, went into the bathroom.. 3 feckin wasps in there.. 3 of em.. that’s it. I know I ain’t gonna win no awards for most informative post of 2010 with this but hey..

Winter Moan #2

ok, your right it’s not winter anymore, but it still ain’t warm is is??? I got on my bus at 5.30 this morning… most normal people don’t even know there is a 5.30 in a morning.. and this is another thing I like to bitch about… (but I digress)… 5.30…. and the windows on the [...]

No cards for ugly people..

As it’s valentines day today, it got me thinking about a little rant I have had quite recently regarding a school that has banned valentines day cards been given out as they didn’t want to upset the ugly kids who won’t be getting any… again. read here Seriously… In my opinion this is gonna make [...]

Boiled Onions…

As anyone who knows me knows.. I’m not one for whinging BUT god it’s cold… I thought i’d got it out of my system in earlier posts, but then it just got colder and colder.. THEN in some cruel twist of fate my boiler packs in… SO not only am I getting up in a [...]

Winter Moan

It’s cold.. I get out of a nice warm bed at 5:30am, into a cold house, wash myself in cold water, go outside and stand at a cold bus stop for 10 mins, then the bus comes, that’s also cold (it’s winter for god sake mr bus driver turn the god dam heating on). 30 [...]

Testing 1,2..

Just a quick test of my new plug in WP-Syntax… 1 2 3 <?php echo "Hello World!"; ?> WOO HOO, works a treat.. doubt I’ll ever use it though.. I’m a web developer, that’s my job, the last thing I wanna do is get home and do it in my spare time and blog about [...]